Ways to be part of the plastic-free movement

08.07.21 / community / sustainability

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1. Start small

When introducing cloth nappies to your household, it’s ok to start small. Even switching out one disposable nappy for cloth each day could divert 820 nappies from landfill. 

Start your cloth nappy journey with a saver set

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2. Give your friends $10

Encourage your friends to try cloth nappies. Not only will the planet be better off, you can earn referral credit too.

Explore our referral program

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3. Encourage your daycare to get on board

Child care educators may need support to get the hang of cloth nappies. Show them how you use nappies in person or print out our free fit guide to boost confidence.

Learn more about using cloth nappies at daycare

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4.Talk to your council about rebates

Forward-thinking councils across Australia offer cloth nappy workshops to reduce household waste and some offer financial incentives for families who choose cloth. 

See if your council supports families to use cloth.

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Over to you

What will you take action on this month? Take the challenge and pick one (or more) of the activities above to make a difference. Tag @econaps in your stories on Instagram and we’ll share it and cheer you on. #PlasticFreeJuly.

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