Should you choose cloth nappies? 6 telltale signs.

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To cloth or not to cloth? That is the question!

Choosing cloth nappies is easy for some and tougher for others. We get it! With so many options and opinions out there, it can be overwhelming.

Whether your baby is still on its way, or you’re a few months into your parenting journey, here are 6 telltale signs that cloth nappies could be a great part of your lifestyle.

1. You love convenience

Not having to nip out to the supermarket when you’ve run out of nappies (again) is bliss in a busy parent’s life. Cloth nappies are there for you every time.

2. You care about the environment

EcoNaps are Certified Plastic Neutral and every cloth nappy purchased prevents the equivalent of 5 plastic bottles from entering the ocean.

3. You want to reduce household waste

A baby will go through around 6000 disposable nappies before graduating to undies, or just 24 reusable nappies! Reusables are an easy way to reduce waste.‎‎

4. You love to save money

Cloth nappies can save you $1068+ over the entire nappy-wearing life of your little one. That’s a serious chunk of cash to spend on other important things. Learn more.

5. You’re into low tox living

Many disposable nappies contain nasty chemicals that can harm a baby's health. Our nappy fabrics are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified and contain no harmful chemicals.

6. You like cute things

Gone are the days of bulky, complicated cloth nappies (hooray!). We strive to design the most straightforward and beautiful nappies to enhance precious moments with your little one.

See why other parents said yes to cloth nappies

"Our primary desire was to minimise waste, and our secondary driver was saving money. They also happen to look super cute!"

"I wanted the convenience of not having to go to the shops constantly to buy nappies, to save money, and to help reduce our impact on this beautiful earth."

"In the beginning, I just loved the look of them. But as my knowledge expanded, I learnt about the toxic chemicals that hide in disposable nappies & it was a no-brainer for me from there."

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