Do cloth nappies need liners? Plus when to start using them.

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Nappy liners are designed to catch solids, protect your cloth nappies, and make cleaning up poop even easier. So when should you start using liners with your cloth nappies?

Liners are different to the absorbent bamboo inserts that come with cloth nappies—they’re much thinner and will sit on top of the absorbent insert to catch poop and protect your nappy. Our liners are made from durable bamboo fibre and fit seamlessly with your EcoNaps nappies (and most other modern cloth nappy brands).

So do cloth nappies really need liners? Plus, when is it time to start using liners? Here are 3 signs it's time to introduce nappy liners to your reusable cloth nappy.

1. Baby is starting solids

You won’t need liners for runny newborn poo,  but as your little one starts eating solids, their poop will become more solid too! Adding a liner can help keep nappies cleaner and make disposing of poop easier. Simply drop poo from the liner into the loo, and you’ll have less sticky, smelly mess on your nappy insert when it comes time to wash.

2. Baby is using rash cream

Rash creams and balms can be used with our cloth nappies, but because they’re made to act as a barrier, they can impact the absorbency of your nappy insert. Protect your nappies by using a liner with any barrier creams so the cream or balm stays away from the absorbent bamboo insert to keep them performing at their best.

3. Baby is at daycare

A liner can make using cloth nappies even easier for daycare staff, babysitters or family members. Simply prepare your nappies with a liner in advance for fuss-free changes. It will catch the poo, so all they need to do is drop it in the loo and dispose of the liner in the general waste bin (never in the toilet!).

Want to learn more about cloth nappy liners? Check out our blog post ‘everything you need to know about cloth nappy liners’ here.


Ready to give bamboo liners a try? 

Our EcoNaps disposable liners come in rolls of 100 and are made of soft and gentle bamboo fibre that is biodegradable and compostable. They’re comfy on bubs’ skin and fit seamlessly with many cloth nappy brands.

EcoNaps Mess-Free Bamboo liners

EcoNaps Mess-Free Bamboo liners


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