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Free Shipping Over $99 | NZ $15 Flat Rate
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  • Our Story

    Inspiring a sustainable lifestyle movement one nappy at a time.  

    After our first child was born, we witnesses how many disposable nappies he was tearing through (hint….a LOT). I couldn’t ignore the environmental impact this was having, not to mention the impact on our wallets. It’s estimated that a baby goes through 2500 disposable nappies in its first year of life - unbelievable right!? So we set out to find an alternative.


    We discovered cloth nappies and fell in love, but soon realised there weren’t many stylish or high quality options available. Some were cheap and poorly made, while others were really expensive and to be frank, pretty ugly.

    EcoNaps was born with a mission to create the most beautiful modern cloth nappies for young families.

    Locally designed in Byron Bay and made using premium environmentally sustainable fibres like bamboo and organic cotton, EcoNaps proudly make the most beautiful cloth nappies in Australia. Not only are they lovely to look at, they feel incredible on babies skin and are built to last. They’re made for families, like ours, who value both sustainability and style.

    When you buy from Econaps you become part of our tribe. Together we encourage each other to make more thoughtful environmental choices and we’re right here with you on this beautiful, wild and every-changing journey called parenting.


    About Us EcoNaps Modern Cloth Nappies Byron Bay

    “I have always had a deep passion to explore nature and a drive to preserve it. Econaps is more than just a cloth nappy brand, it’s a catalyst for positive change in the world. My vision is to raise awareness on environmental issues so that our children and future generations can enjoy this planet, like I am fortunate enough too, in all its natural beauty.”

    Kyla Geen, Founder

    Our Values 


    Just because something is eco, it doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. How things look are proven to have an impact on how we feel. We aim to design you and bubs the most beautiful nappies and accessories to enhance little moments in your every day.

    Every choice has the power to impact the world around us. We’re constantly striving to do better and find more sustainable ways of operating as a business. We invite our customers to join us on this journey for a more sustainable future. Learn more below.

    Our products look the part, but more importantly they do what they say they’ll do. Nappies are made to be messy after all! EcoNaps have been tested on thousands of the most active little bottoms in Australia and are built to last.


    We know it takes a village to raise a child and our EcoNaps families are welcomed into our tribe for support on your parenthood journey. We have a helpful resource hub and our team are always on hand to offer tailored advice so you can overcome any cloth nappy hurdles.  

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