Cloth Nappy Guide Downloads

Make it even easier for your household or child carers to use cloth nappies with confidence. Our free downloadable and printable guides make washing and fitting cloth nappies a piece of cake.

Cloth Nappy Fit Guide

Follow our six-simple steps for a flat, comfy, and leak-free finish. This one is great to print out and keep by the change table for partners, babysitters and carers.

How to fit cloth nappies downloadable template

Daycare Cloth Nappy Fit Guide

This one is great to print out, laminate, and pop in your kids backpack for daycare. We’ve even left space for you to write special instructions for your little one.

Guide to using and fitting cloth nappies for daycare

Cloth Nappy Washing Guide

Make it easy for everyone in the house to wash cloth nappies in four simple steps. This one is great to print out and pop up in the laundry for perfectly clean cloth nappies every time. 

How to wash cloth nappies downloadable template