About our Nappies

Let’s dive into the nitty gritty details and show you what makes our cloth nappies so darn special.  

The anatomy of an EcoNaps cloth nappy

Core Features

Nappy cover exterior

  • Easy to use snaps for resizing nappy.
  • Waterproof and breathable cover.
  • Beautiful designs and limited edition prints.

Nappy cover interior

  • Front & back pocket openings to stuff absorbent inserts with ease.
  • Front & back snaps so you can choose where you need the most absorption. 
  • Front half pocket, to keep inserts in place when snapped to cover. 
  • Soft stretchy elastics for a snug & comfy fit.
  • Front PUL strip for extra protection against leaks. 

Absorbent inserts 

  • Made from high GSM bamboo terry, to be more absorbent than most other nappy brands. 
  • Double stitched for durability. 
  • Folding line to use with XS/S & M/L babies. 
  • Joining snaps to snap inserts and together (great for heavy wetters).

    Our Design

    There are two common cloth nappy styles on the market. Our modern cloth nappy design allows you to use both so you can have a play around and choose what works best for you.

    All-in-2 nappy

    • Snap-in inserts. 
    • This style is simple to set up
    • Easy to wash 
    • Quick to fold

    Pocket Nappy

    • Inserts tucked inside the cover. 
    • Perfect for active toddlers
    • Great for boosting absorbance at night
    • Simple for childcare staff and grandparents to use. 


    Our Materials

    Cover material: Heat bonded TPU

    Why it’s great? This type of TPU has a higher resistance to heat and chemical damage, and it’s known for its durability so will last longer. Many cloth nappies are made with PUL fabrics which are fused with chemical glues, but our TPU manufacturing process is heat bonded and free from the use of solvent or chemical glues 

    Cover inner material: Short pile synthetic micro-suede 

    Why it’s great? This fabric sits inside the nappy cover and is non-absorbent. This means that if you’re using your nappy ‘pocket’ style and  baby does a wee, the liquid is wicked through this soft fabric into the absorbent core. This fabric mimics the same dry-feeling features of a disposable nappy, without any harsh bleaches or chemicals. 

    Absorbent insert material: Bamboo terry 

    Why it’s great? Bamboo terry is known for is fast absorption. It uptakes liquid much quicker than similar bamboo fleece fabrics. This means once your baby gains bladder control and wee’s become faster, leaking is reduced because this fabric can keep up with the flow. It’s also extremely soft and feels great against bubs’ skin. 


    Our Sizing

    Our nappy offers multiple sizes in one. With the snap of a few buttons your nappy will easily resize as you need it. Our modern nappies are designed to fit tiny newborns up to busy toddlers and everything in between from approximately 3.5 to 16kg. 

    Why multi sizing is great? 

    A quality multi-sized cloth nappy will cost you less in the long run. As you may have experienced already, babies can outgrow clothing sizes in a matter of weeks!  Knowing that you can adjust your nappy size when you need without having to purchase more is a very economical and helpful feature.  


    What else is there to love about EcoNaps? 

    • We are an Australian owned and operated business
    • Our products and prints are designed in beautiful Byron Bay 
    • We support local artists through our print collaborations 
    • Our cloth nappy retail packaging is plastic free, compostable and recyclable
    • Orders are packaged in a reusable 100% organic cotton tote 
    • We actively support environmental causes through our give back ranges
    • We are proud members of 1% for the planet 


    Here’s what some of our customers say about our nappies..

    "Econaps not only has the most beautiful designs, they also have amazing absorbency. They fit my boys so well, the look adorable and it’s an Australian company. Can’t go wrong. These are by far my favourite nappies. I currently have 24 Econaps and 8 pea pods in my stash and I will be getting rid of the pea pods as soon as I can afford 12 more from Econaps. The customer service is also really helpful. I’m just completely obsessed with this brand and company. I will support them for as long as I’m using cloth nappies." - Hannah

    "Loving EcoNaps! The fabric is such good quality and fits my baby like a glove, compared to other cloth nappies we have tried. Also the fabric is nice and soft against babies skin and still feels dry after a wee, keeping her skin nice and dry. Plus loving the designs and patterns, makes nappy changing a bit more exciting." - Elyshia

    Love the prints, the quality, the service. Choosing to try cloth nappies for our first baby was pretty overwhelming to begin, but we knew we wanted an eco-friendly option. EcoNaps made it easy with great videos and resources. Our bub loves them too and we feel great doing our part for the planet. Thanks EcoNaps! - Haley B