Want to make a difference? Ditch the disposables

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There are 450,000 tonnes of waste being dumped in Australian landfills each year as a result of disposable nappies, wipes, pads and tampons. This year, resolve to ditch the disposables and make a difference in our plastic pollution problem.

We’re often reflecting on how we can make better choices for ourselves, our family, our community and our planet. As a fellow eco-conscious parent, here are three easy ways to lower your impact and have a more eco-friendly year that’s better for you, bubs, and the future of the planet. 

Swap disposable nappies for reusable nappies

Your little bundle of joy will go through approximately 2,200 nappies in its first year of life alone. If using disposables, you're putting synthetic polymers (aka microplastics) and plastic resins (such as nylon, polyester, polyethylene, or polypropylene) onto baby's skin. Then after they're used, disposable nappies will end up in the trash and pollute our planet for 500+ years to come, maybe longer.  

By choosing reusable cloth nappies over disposables, you are opting for a low-tox option, saving hundreds of dollars, and diverting thousands of nappies from landfill. Learn more about cloth nappies vs disposables here.

Swap disposable nursing pads for reusable nursing pads

Disposable nursing pads might seem convenient, but they come at a cost to the environment. Regular breast pads are made with polymers, aka plastic, and come individually wrapped in even more plastic and are non-biodegradable.

By choosing reusable breast pads you could avoid 180 disposable pairs plus their nasty plastic packaging from entering landfill and waterways. Try our super-soft bamboo nursing pads here.

Swap disposable wipes for reusable wipes

Have you heard of PET? It’s a nasty synthetic plastic that doesn't break down naturally—and disposable wipes are made from them! Plastics are flooding our oceans, clogging our sewerage systems and hurting our marine-based friends. Learn more about the true cost of disposable wipes here

By choosing reusable wipes over disposable wipes you could divert over 3000 disposable wipes in the first six months of baby's life alone. EcoNaps disposable wipes are made from eco-friendly and absorbent fibres that feel super soft on baby's skin.

That’s it! Three simple ways to lower your impact, reduce plastic waste and do better for you, baby, and the future of the planet.

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