How to master using modern cloth nappies when out and about.

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Most cloth nappy newbies are unsure how to use them when out and about. But honestly its really, really easy. Swap out your disposables for reusables, add a few essential cloth nappy accessories and you’re set to go! Here are 3 quick steps to making using cloth nappies on the go easy peasy.

Step 1: Be prepared for everything

When you become a new parent, your ‘stuff to take’ list for a simple trip to the supermarket quadruples. No longer is there such a thing as a 2-minute dash to the shops with simply your keys, wallet and green bags in hand. 

Now you’ve got to make sure you’ve packed extra clothing (both warm and cool), snacks (very handy silencing tools for older babies), bottles, something to keep them entertained, stroller or baby carrier, a change of bubs clothes just in case, and of course...nappies and wipes. 

Make sure you pack enough nappies to get you through your excursion, and a couple of extras for good luck. Somehow bub always knows when you've left your spare nappies at home! Seriously, you can never be too prepared.

Step 2: Wet bags are your new BFF

The most common question we get asked about using cloth nappies away from home is ‘What do I do when they poop?’. Well, let me introduce you to wet bags, your new best friend. 

When you find yourself in this situation, if you’re near a toilet, your first option would be to dispose of the solids in a toilet nearby and pop the used nappy inside a wet bag. However, as we all know, this isn’t always the case. Option number two (no pun intended!), is to roll your soiled modern cloth nappy up, snap the hip tabs together, and place this neat little bundle inside your trusty wet bag.

If you’re worried about smells, *most* of the time, a wet bag is enough to contain it until you get home. However if you’ve encountered an extra whiffy poo or will be out for a while, you can always double bag it by placing the soiled nappy in a small wet bag first, before placing it in a larger one.

Step 3: Carry a change mat

You never know when or where you might need to change your baby, a reusable change mat is an eco essential. Our travel change mats are made from the same water-resistant fabric as the covers of our modern cloth nappies and feature a beautiful print on one side, and luxuriously soft bamboo velour on the other. 

They’re generously sized at 50cm x 70cm to fit any standard change table. They roll up to a compact size to throw in your glove box or nappy bag with ease. You can even use these around the house if you don’t want to use a full change table set up (they’re great at protecting nana’s plush rug from any mid-change accidents). 


Whether heading to the shops, the park or the beach, now you have our three secrets to make changing bubs on the go simple. Keep a wet bag, change mat and spare nappies ready to go at all times. 

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