Can you use both cloth and disposable nappies? Of course!

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Can you use both cloth and disposable nappies? Of course you can! When it comes to reusable nappies, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing (plus using cloth nappies sometimes is way better for the environment than never). Here are four times when disposable nappies might be the best option for you and your little one.

Newborn phase

Those first few weeks with a baby bring a whirlwind of newness. So it’s totally understandable if you want to master other things (like breastfeeding, dressing your wriggly octopus baby, or figuring out how to do life on minimal sleep) before trying cloth nappies. 

You might also realise that your precious newborn might be too small for one-size nappies from day dot. Many families wait a few weeks for a baby to build deliciously chubby thighs before committing to a cloth nappy routine. 

Disposable nappies are also handy for your hospital bag and baby’s first (very sticky) poop! 


Let's agree that sleep is one of the most sacred things for any new parent. However, cloth nappies require changing more frequently than disposables, so some families use cloth nappies during the day and disposables overnight. This can extend times between nappy changes (and help you catch precious extra zzz's). 

But for our cloth nappy devotees, we recommend you try boosting your cloth nappies at night to help them last longer. Our bamboo tri-fold night booster kit is made especially for overnight use. It folds to offer six layers of extra absorption to keep your little one dryer (and asleep!) for longer. 


Whether flying overseas or hitting the road with your little ones, travelling is a common reason for families to leave cloth nappies behind and opt for disposables instead. Cloth nappies can take up precious packing space, and if you don’t have access to a washing machine or dryer where you’re staying, it can be tricky to keep on top of messy nappies. 

It may be more realistic to use disposable nappies for longer trips and stick to your regular cloth nappy routine for shorter trips (or when you know your accommodation has washing facilities). Explore tips on using cloth nappies for a day or overnight trip here

With other caregivers

Some family members simply aren’t comfortable using cloth nappies. They may have preconceived ideas that cloth nappies are "difficult" or "for hippies" (really, we've heard that!), but once you show them the benefits and how easy modern cloth nappies are to use, they'll likely fall in love with them too. 

When it comes to early childhood educators and daycare, cloth nappies are becoming increasingly common (learn how to use cloth nappies at daycare here). However, due to health guidelines or individual centres’ policies, some won’t accept cloth nappies, so disposables may be the only option (but you can still use cloth at home and on non-daycare days). 

Using both cloth nappies and disposable nappies

Disposables can be especially handy in those early weeks with a newborn or travelling. Explore our real nappy habits survey results to see more situations where parents have chosen disposables

While we’ll always be advocates for reusable nappies, it’s clear that disposable nappies play a role in your busy lives. With this realisation, we're proud to welcome Ecoriginals disposable nappies and wipes to the EcoNaps family. 

Ecoriginals created the world's first truly eco disposable nappy to offer a better environmental choice for parents. So if you use disposable nappies out of choice, convenience or necessity, it’s now easier to make a more environmentally friendly choice. 

Over to you! 

Do you use both disposable and cloth nappies for different situations? Let us know below.

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