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Packing can be a challenge at the best of times, let alone when it's for your first beach trip with a baby! 

As a Byron Bay-based brand made up of ocean-loving humans, the beach is our second home.

We've got plenty of experience to help you pack everything you need for a stress-free and memorable beach day with your baby.

So what exactly do you need to bring to the beach with a baby? 

Firstly, we recommend packing light. Remember that everything you take to the beach needs to be unpacked, repacked and lugged home again. 

Secondly, avoid peak hours of sunshine when the UV rays are at their strongest. Early morning and late afternoon are beautiful times to visit the beach with a baby. 

Ok, now onto our beach packing list. Here are the essentials needed for a successful beach trip with your baby. 

Baby swimwear

Be prepared with two swim nappies (just in case one gets soiled)! Our reusable eco-friendly swim nappies were made for balmy beach days. Plus, every swim nappy purchased stops the equivalent of 5 plastic bottles from entering the ocean! Tip: Add a rash vest for extra coverage. 

Broad Brim Sun Hat

A cute hat is a must for any baby beachgoer. Choose one with a toggle on the bottom to help it stay on your little one's head. We love the adorable Fini swim hats for babies and toddlers 6+ months, or Bedheads make a great range of UPF 50+ swim hats in newborn sizes.

Baby Sunscreen

Sunscreen is not recommended for young babies under 6 months old, so shade and coverage are your best defence against the sun when they're little. When your baby is 6 months or older, sunscreen is a must. We love the Little Urchin reef-friendly sunscreen designed especially for babies’ delicate skin.


As a guide, you’ll need to pack one nappy for every hour plus 1-2 spare (in case of emergencies…aka blowouts!). You can easily pack up your regular EcoNaps Cloth Nappies or opt for eco-friendly disposable while out and about—we love Ecoriginals.

Change mat

Provide a soft landing for hygienic and comfy nappy changes. Our Travel Bamboo Change Mat is super soft and rolls into a tiny space-saving bundle perfect for packing in your beach bag.


If you can’t find a leafy tree or rocky outcrop to nestle under—BYO shade! A pop-up tent or umbrella will be a shady haven for your little baby. We love the stylish UPF 50+ beach umbrellas by Sunday Supply Co.

Waterproof bag

A waterproof bag will be your new bestie whenever you're beach-bound with bubs. Our Overnighter Wet Bag is big enough to carry all the beach essentials. It boasts two zippable compartments to separate wet and dry clothes and features a snap-loop handle that's easy to grab when your hands are full (and let's be honest—they're always full!).

Hooded Towel

A soft and cosy towel will have your little one feeling warm and snug after a swim. We love this organic hooded towel by EveEco Baby.

Change of clothes

Don’t forget to pack a warm and dry change of clothes for your baby when those wet swimmers come off.


Create a comfy spot to sit and play with a rug. A waterproof base will keep your bottom dry, and a carry strap will make it easy to transport over sandy shores. We love the thoughtfully designed picnic rugs by Wandering Folk.

You'll also want to pack water or milk in a bottle (depending on their needs), snacks (if they're on solids), and maybe even a few beach toys. However, the sand and water will be enough of a sensory delight to keep your little one content—especially if the beach is new to them.

We hope this packing list has you feeling confident and eager to experience many summer beach trips with your little one. Enjoy!

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