7 things you need to know about reusable swim nappies

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Ready for summer beach days or year-round swimming adventures, our reusable swim nappies blend eco-friendliness with convenience. Here are seven facts about our EcoNaps reusable swim nappies that make them a must-have for your little one...

1. Water-safe materials

Our swim nappies are crafted with lightweight, water-safe fabrics that won't weigh your baby down. The outer cover features waterproof and breathable polyester with heat-bonded TPU laminate, while the inner cover boasts quick-drying polyester mesh, perfect for catching those unexpected surprises.

2. Four convenient sizes

From little babies to active toddlers, our swim nappies come in four sizes to accommodate every child: small (4-7kg), medium (7-11kg), large (11-13kg), and extra large (13kg+).

3. Functionality first

EcoNaps swim nappies prioritise functionality, featuring an inner layer to securely catch unexpected messes while allowing liquids to flow through.

Blue and pink reusable swim nappies

4. Adjustable waist snaps

Two sets of snaps encircling the waist guarantee that your water baby enjoys a comfortable and secure fit for an extended period. Moreover, these snaps prove incredibly convenient if your little one experiences an unexpected number two! Simply unsnap them to remove the swimmers, avoiding the need to pull them down over your baby's legs, for a hassle-free and mess-free experience.

5. Fade-resistant fabric

When you’re spending time in chlorine, salty seas, and under the sun, you want your beautiful swim prints to last. Our fade-resistant fabrics ensure that swim nappies maintain their vibrant prints, even after exposure to chlorine, salty seas, and sunlight.

6. Planet-friendly

Sustainability is at the heart of EcoNaps. Our swim nappy fabrics are ethically made from OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified, ensuring they're free from harmful substances and gentle on your baby's skin and the planet.

7.  Easy to wash

Cleaning our swim nappies is a breeze. Simply rinse with cold water after use and hang to dry. For soiled nappies, remove any solids, wash at 40-60 degrees with detergent, and air dry. Their lightweight fabric means they dry relatively fast!


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