3 ways extra inserts can make your life easier 

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Did you know you can buy absorbent inserts without the nappy cover? Well, it’s true! But if you’re wondering, “why the heck would I need to do that?”, we’ve got three practical reasons parents love adding extra inserts to their cloth nappy stash (and why you might like to do it too!). 
1. You’ll be able to reuse nappy covers more than once

One question we get asked a lot is, “can I reuse my nappy covers?” And the good news is yes, you can! Nappy covers don’t need to be washed after every nappy change. So long as nappy covers aren’t soiled, you can use them for multiple changes. That’s why adding extra inserts to your stash can be helpful. It’s an economical way to build your collection and get more from your nappy covers. Simply air the nappy cover for a few hours in-between (if wet), pop in some fresh dry inserts, and refit to your little one!

2. You won't have to wait for inserts to dry (especially on cold winter days)

If you're already using cloth nappies, you'll know how quickly covers dry compared to the absorbent inserts. And on chilly winter days, drying inserts can take even longer than usual (check out our tips to dry inserts in winter here). So instead of waiting for the whole nappy set to dry, having additional inserts makes it easy to keep up with frequent nappy changes without waiting for dry inserts again. In addition, the extra inserts mean you'll always be prepared for rainy day weather or those times when the laundry pile is growing at an unruly pace. That's savvy!

extra inserts cloth nappies3. You can upgrade existing (or inferior) inserts easily
Maybe you've been using your cloth nappy set for a long time (baby number two or three?!), perhaps you picked up a bunch of cloth nappies second-hand, or maybe you've purchased cheaper MCN brands that won’t stop leaking. Whatever your situation, our high-quality, extra thirsty inserts are designed to fit most MCN covers and make it easy (and affordable) to upgrade your stash. A set of our soft, super-thirsty bamboo inserts will keep your little one feeling dry and comfy for longer.
“Great addition to my EcoNaps stash. Covers dry fast so it’s great to have these on hand while I wait for my inserts to dry!”
- Martina S.
I’m in, show me the extra inserts!

Our 2.0 Insert Kit features eight beautifully soft and absorbent bamboo inserts (4x short, 4x long) that fit seamlessly with our original and new 2.0 nappy styles.


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