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Modern Cloth Nappy FAQ

Modern Cloth Nappies

Nope! When you have the right setup for your modern cloth nappies you can breathe a sigh of relief as there is actually no need for you to be touching bubba’s poo at all.

Here’s how it’s done:

Runny newborn poo: Rinse your cloth nappy under the tap with cold water and place in a dry nappy pail.

 Solid poo: Roll solids from the nappy and into the toilet. Saturate with cold water under the tap, and place in a dry nappy pail.

Pro tip! Make dealing with number twos even easier by lining your nappy with one of our ‘ mess free biodegradable liners ’

It’s actually quite the opposite! All of our modern cloth nappies are made from stain resistant fabrics. After completing our recommend washing routine, hang your nappies out to dry in natural sunlight, and let nature do all of the hard work for you! Stains will be gone, and your nappies will be left fresh as a field of daisies!

We have some simple care tips to keep your nappies in tip top condition. Simply run a full rinse cycle, followed by a warm wash no hotter than 60 degrees, then line dry! Check out our washing recommendations here for the nitty gritty details on how to wash your cloth nappies along with some bonus cloth nappy washing tips and tricks.

Every 1-2 days is recommended. Learn more about washing your cloth nappies here.

We prefer to use a natural detergent on our own nappies as we believe it is better for bub and the environment, however, this is our own personal preference. Just make sure your detergent of choice doesn’t contain bleach (this breaks down waterproofing), fabric softeners (they coat the natural fibres and reduce absorbency), whiteners or vinegar pre-rinse. These chemicals can lead to nappy rash on your baby, and lessen the lifespan of your nappies.

We recommend using a nappy pail or basket that contains holes for air flow. It is important to allow your dirty nappies to breathe while waiting for a wash to prevent any odours or mould forming. 

We prefer to choose a metal pail or basket over plastic, as this will also last longer, and is able to be recycled at the end of its life.

You sure can! Because every baby is different (some sleep for longer, some wee’s more than others) the amount of absorption required will vary from baby to baby. Our EcoNaps cloth nappies include Includes 1x modern cloth nappy cover and 1x bamboo cloth insert set (each cloth insert set contains 1x longer foldable insert and 1x smaller snap-in insert). This offers five nappy absorption settings, however if you do find you need a little extra support to get you through the night, pick up a set of our Bamboo Boosters, or try out Tri-Fold Bamboo Night boosters.

Absolutely. Daycares are more than happy to use the nappy of your choice, and the EcoNaps modern cloth nappy is especially daycare friendly! Simply have your nappies folded and ready to go complete with mess-free bamboo liner in each. Pack them in a wet bag and away you go. They simply remove the liner and dispose of it, place the used cloth nappy in your wet bag, and you take it home at the end of the day. It’s really no different for the daycare staff to using disposables.

So many cloth nappy newbies are unsure how to use them when out and about. But honestly parents, its really, really easy. The secret? A wet bag!

Here’s how it’s done:

Change bub as you normally would. If you happen to be near a toilet, tip any solids in (if not, no biggie, just skip this part), roll up your cloth nappy and fasten with a snap. Store any dirty nappies in your leak proof and odour proof wet bag until you get home then wash as normal.

The EcoNaps modern cloth nappy is designed to be worn for the same length of time as a disposable nappy during the day. At nights, depending on your bub you may require a little extra absorption to get you through. Choose from our bamboo boosters, or our tri-fold bamboo night boosters to give your babies cloth nappy some extra absorption overnight.

No. This comes down to personal preference and what works best for your baby, as some bubs have more sensitive skin than others. If you wish to re-use covers without washing in between, we recommend doing so only with nappy covers from changes with wee, and airing for at least 2-3 hours between changes. If any form or irritation or rash does occur by doing this, we recommend to return to changing the nappy cover each time you change baby.

Yes, but to protect your nappy, make sure you use a mess-free bamboo liner when using any creams. Oil based nappy creams build up on the natural fibres of the absorbent nappy insert, and will reduce nappy absorbance over time. Either choose a non-oil based rash cream, or use a mess-free liner to keep the oil away from the inserts and protect your cloth nappy.

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Swim Nappies

No. Swim nappies are designed to catch solids only, while letting go any liquid to ensure the safety and comfort of bub while swimming. For more information, head over to our blog post on how to use your EcoNaps swim nappy here.

Yes. Our swim nappies are available in 3 different sizes, small (6-8kg), medium (8-

10kg) and large (10-13kg). Each size also has multiple snap options so you can get the perfect fit for bub. For tips on how to fit your swim nappy, please visit our resource hub.

It’s simple, cool wash with similar colours and line dry in shade. To keep your swim nappy in the best possible condition avoid contact with suntan lotions and rough surfaces. And as with all of our modern cloth nappies do not soak, bleach, tumble dry, dry clean or iron.