Demo Video: Fitting your Cloth Nappy on a Newborn Baby


Tips for fitting your Convertible Cloth Nappy on a Newborn Baby...

1. Fitting Modern Cloth Nappies on a Newborn baby is always a fiddley task at first (as with any form of newborn clothing for that matter!!), but with a bit of practice and tweaking the nappy fit, it does become second nature. Make sure each time you put a nappy on bub, the insert is laying neatly in the cover and not folded or overhanging the side. Take some time after fitting the nappy on bub to straighten up the waist tabs, and neaten up the elastics. This gives you a much smoother, sleeker fit.

2. Make sure the back of the Cloth Nappy is sitting fairly high up baby's back before fitting the nappy - this helps in preventing gaps in the leg elastics, and ensures the side tabs sit nice and high over the thighs.

3. Ensure the elastics are sitting high up in bubs 'undie lines', both in their crotch, and around their thighs. Not only does this make the absorbency sit nice and close to where its needed, but is also ensures the nappy elastics are fitting and comfy.

4. Don't forget the 'fingers up' rule! Anytime a One-Size Cloth Nappy cover is on any other setting but the largest, make sure your fingers can poke up into the extra fabric fold. This keeps the nappy elastics fitted and smooth against bubs legs, and tucks the extra fabric of the nappy cover out of the way. 


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