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Free Shipping Over $99 | NZ $15 Flat Rate
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  • Cloth Nappy Care


    Prewash new Modern Cloth Nappies at least 3 times, to ensure maximum absorbency.

    Dirty Nappies:

    Flush solids into toilet. Give the nappy a quick hand rinse under the laundry tap before storing in a dry nappy bucket. 


    Once you have enough nappies for a wash, run your load through a warm pre-rinse cycle in the machine.

    Put your nappies through a normal/long wash cycle up to 60°C, with the amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer for your load size and water level.


    Line dry for best results.

    To view our full Washing Instructions please click here.

    We support the washing recommendations and guidelines of the Australian Nappy Association.

    Australian Modern Cloth Nappy Association Member


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