Do cloth nappies save you money? Short answer. Yes!

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We’ve heard it in the news and seen it on supermarket shelves—the cost of living is on the rise. This means it will cost us more to buy necessary items like housing, petrol and groceries.  

Let’s agree that finding new ways to save is at the top of everyone’s agenda right now. 

While we can’t stop the rising cost of living (no magic wands here sorry), we can provide the facts on how choosing cloth nappies can save you a serious chunk of cash to spend on other things in your life. 

How much money could you save by choosing cloth nappies instead of disposables?

Nappies are one baby item you can’t live without. And if you’re using disposables, they’re consistently one of the most expensive items in your weekly grocery shop.  

Considering your baby will go through around 6000 disposable nappies before graduating to undies (according to CHOICE Magazine), this baby item certainly knows how to chew through cash over time. 

Want to know the most affordable way to keep your baby’s bottom happy and dry? We bet you do! 

Let’s break down the cost of disposable vs EcoNaps reusable cloth nappies:

Disposable nappies

EcoNaps cloth nappies

A Cost per nappy 

$0.29 (1)


B Number of wears


240 (2)

C Cost per wear



D Nappies needed


24 (3)

Cost over lifetime (A x D)


$671.04 (4)

Total savings using cloth nappies


$1068.96 !!

  • (1) Based on our research, we noted the cost of 5x brands ‘infant’ size nappies to find the average cost per nappy. 
  • (2) Based on our research, a reusable is used 240 times compared to a disposable. 
  • (3) Based on most families purchasing between 18-24 reusable cloth nappies for full-time use.  
  • (4) Based on purchasing 24 EcoNaps cloth nappies with 20% off (standard bulk purchase offer when you buy 24 or more nappies).
Choosing cloth nappies will save you $1068 over the entire nappy wearing life of your little one. 

Plus, it gets even better. One set of cloth nappies could save you $2808 if you use them on a second child (which so many families do)! Imagine what you could do with that extra cash?!

Even CHOICE Magazine reported that “for environmental and financial reasons, you can't go past MCNs (modern cloth nappies)”.

So there you have it! Cloth nappies will save you money.

Even though tossing disposable nappies into your grocery shop might seem cheap and convenient, it will cost you hundreds of dollars more (if not thousands) in the long run. 

If saving money is important to you and your family, cloth nappies are the more intelligent financial choice.

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  • Don’t always think in terms of money or financial burdens. More nappies means more wastage and we are a lot of burden to the Mother Earth by adding non recycling waste which in terms added up to the global warming

    Rao on
  • Something that could also be considered, is that if you have more than one child the same reusable nappies can be used for no.2 and no. 3 taking savings even further.

    Erin on
  • I agree with Renee. Laundry cost would have been interesting to view also, it doesn’t seem accurate or transparent to purely compare cost on purchase price alone.

    Jo on
  • This was a great article however I feel the calculations could have been more accurate. I agree with Renae, the cost of laundering should have been taken into account. I would be interested to know more about your research into the use of a reusable nappy (2). Additionally, I would have liked to have seen an average of the cost per nappy over multiple sizes. Basing the cost comparison on an infants nappy size is not realistic.

    Jessica on
  • You didn’t factor in the cost of laundering, which is significant. I think you should update your chart…

    Renae on

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