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  • 9 Gorgeous Cloth Nappy Storage Ideas

    Posted on 08 March 2016

    Girls Modern Cloth Nappy Collection with Bamboo Flush Liners and Wetbags


    We all know Modern Cloth Nappies are just too cute not to show off - even when it comes to storage! Setting up a nursery can be one of the most exciting jobs preparing for your new arrival, so we have put together some Modern Cloth Nappy storage inspo to get you on your way!


    Modern Cloth Nappy Storage Boxes

    Credit: Facebook.com
     Ikea wooden storage boxes make an affordable, yet stylish way to show of your stash!

    Modern Cloth Nappy DIY Crates for baby nursery

    Credit IG @blackberrybabe 
    Recycled wooden crates make are trendy, yet creative. They make great storage boxes for toys once your baby has outgrown nappy's too!

    Hang Your Modern Cloth Nappies

    Credit: littlehouseinthebigd.com
    Wooden ladders. What a great idea! So easy to keep tidy and display those beautiful fluffy colours!

    Beautiful Nursery Modern Cloth Nappy Stash 

    Credit: Anna T Parido

    Baby Modern Cloth Nappy Rack

    Credit: Natalie Holladay
    Shoe Racks are a super easy option to keep your Cloth Nappies tidy, and have lots of room for all those extra bits and bobs too!

    Modern Cloth Nappy Drawers in Baby Nursery

    Credit: theantijunecleaver.com
    Change Table with drawers - an oldie, but a goodie. Always easy to keep tidy!

    Modern Cloth Nappy Reed Baskets on Change Table

    Credit: cristinasadventures.com
    Cane Baskets - these look really cute, and you can easily tailor them to fit all of your other items too!
    Got some of your own great storage ideas? We'd love to see them! Comment below with your stash shot! xx



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